Magento Data Migration

With 100% up time at source!
Though your online store may be running smoothly, are you satisfied with your online business that currently operates on different software and different applications? A better outlay and richer features might be exactly what you need to enhance performance and thereby attract more business. The time is right to migrate to Magento Ecommerce and Jalebit consultants will review, plan and migrate your data to Magento.
Our Magento database migration services involves data migration from Zen Cart, X Cart, VirtueMart, Prestashop, Ofbiz, CubeCart, Yahoo store, Monster commerce, 3d Cart and Magento itself.

Magento Health Check – Magento Audit – Magento Code Review

Are you in need of Magento Code Audit?
A code audit is nothing but in-depth analysis with a comprehensive overview of the state of your store’s code quality and database that generates incisive information. Taking cue from extracted information, the Jalebit Magento Experts and clients can make decision for next course of action.
After having in depth Magento code review, we will scan through your online store so that we identify any major technical flaws. The Jalebit Experts will correct identified technical glitches thereby helping you to grow and scale the business without hitches.
You might be encountering problems such as system crash under heavy load, persistent upgrade malfunction, high maintenance cost, difficulty implementing new features, code architecture violations, complaints about interactivity…
Our Magento Experts will chalk out the loose ends and restore it with the help of tools provided to you so that you get the desired functionality. Moreover we demonstrate preventive measures and thereby ensuring optimal performance moving forward.
The entire procedure is to address deep-rooted anomalies coupled with surface elements and is designed to cost effectively minimize downtime.

Magento Speed Optimisation

Despite the fact that your website is designed aesthetically, perfect functionality and speed of the store is comparable with the speed of Google and it is the instant delight to the customers. A highly optimised site requires trained personnel in Magento who have the incisive understanding of the entire gamut of Magento, such as our experts.
This is true in both formats like frontend and backend. We resort to performance testing and that is the key in that respect.
The individual uniqueness of each store requires proper investigation as well as any architectural flaws will need special attention from our professional with experience in Magento core architecture.

Magento Store Maintenance

It is a wise plan to do periodic maintenance of the Magento site as it improves the functionality of website. It involves update of appropriate features, enhancing search engine ranking and keep in touch with customers. Magento store maintenance ought to be kept updated and bug free which has direct positive impact on the customer experience.
The Jalebit Experts offer periodic Magento website maintenance and support of different nature of services to the online stores. Regardless of whether it’s a B2B or B2C Magento based Ecommerce store, our professionals are well experienced to troubleshoot fatal technical errors immediately as well as offer solutions regarding performance augmentation and search engine optimization for existing Magento store.

Magento Debugging and Troubleshooting Services

Sometimes a Magento website runs with errors, fails to generate desired results, and faces malfunctions…
This is a clear sign of bug in the code. At Jalebit, our experts are experienced in debugging the complex codes.
We render our cost effective and in-time bug fixing service to include Magento error fixing that may happen in your site. Regardless of the nature of the work, we work to make your store running successfully. We render Magento debugging and troubleshoot services. If it is found out that the coding standard is not living up to the desired level with no comments, our Magento expert developers are zeroed in on identifying the problem zone and accordingly fix it with ease.

Magento Training

We will provide some training at the end of the project so that you can run your online store smoothly as well as equip you to maintain or improve its ‘looks’ all the way. We will cover the most commonly asked questions and problem areas as well as areas specific to your business.
This training will help you whether you are-
1. A well-established business and have too many people to support the business due to lack of enough knowledge about Magento features.
2. An entrepreneur building his/her Magento store and need someone to train the employees for every day store management tasks.

Magento Support

Many companies offer pre- set support packages but we believe that each business scenario and its requirements are unique, therefore a more flexible approach involving customised package or open package would be more justified. Our Magento Support Packages cover everything from change requests to critical bug fixes. As a result, if you don’t have any issues then we can use the time for enhancements on your ecommerce store. You can pick a plan that will best suit your business.
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