Custom Magento Design

Being a professional Magento development company we also specialize in custom design of landing pages. Our services are at par with industry standards that works across different platforms.
As a platform, Magento is completely customisable, allowing any idea to be possible which a good thing is obviously! But it can be difficult to formulate a solid design strategy when you have a dozen ideas buzzing around your head. This is where our graphic designers and ecommerce designers come in. We can produce unique custom designs of your choice from scratch and develop it into a unique online store. Whether it’s a stylish header, a sleek slideshow or a bespoke footer- we can work our magic! It’s our attention to the small things such as buttons, hover states and drop downs which can make the difference at the front end.

Equally important, our backend coding makes your store easy to manage as well as run smoothly. We design Custom Magento E-commerce Shopping Carts and use appropriate Magento Plugin/Module Customization. Throughout the project our aim stays to integrate Custom Functionalities into your Magento Website. Moreover, the customised Magento solutions delivered by our team are search engine optimized, cross browser compatible and semantically coded. Our training at the end of the project also helps your staff with the day to day Magento admin tasks.

We will work closely with your business understanding your specific needs but keeping mindful of your budget. We want to see your business grow and we will continue to work with you to ensure that your online shop is a success. We love what we do and we have to be the best at it!

Customization Magento Themes Design

Magento theme design service is valuable, irrespective of the size of a store, in terms of saving time and effort in designing the website from scratch. Due to the tremendous amount of business being done online, Magento web design plays a crucial role in order to support them. Hence Magento Experts provides you a professional theme to adorn with perfect look to individual website. With customisation of the theme we can change its appearance to suit your preference. Our Magento experts can help you to form your site in such a fashion that will definitely draw the attention of the customers as well as make their shopping experience, a delightful one.
Our Services include Magento Theme Design/Customization, Magento Theme Development based on existing designs; complete Website Development, branding services, collateral design, even design consulting and training.

Magento Social Network Integration

In the current scenario of interaction over the internet, new opportunities for new customers as well as strengthening the bond with existing customers to a great extent occurs through social media.
Our Jalebit experts effectively integrate social media sites into your Magento website. It increases visibility of your website to the perspective customers, improves search engine ranking, and reaches varied geographic markets via social networking blogs, portals, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

Magento Search Engine Optimization for Online Store

The Jalebit Magento Experts have expertise in Search Engine optimization to the extent that the Magento sites outrun their competitors, irrespective of the size of the store. It includes site structuring, plug-ins, keyword research & optimization and setting up Magento for SEO.
There can be a myriad URLs per product – one for the main product page and subsequently additional URL’s for each category which belongs to it are created by Magento but results in their redundancy. We fix this problem by choosing one of the most effective URL products which in turn uses a preferred URL for search engine purposes. Deploying such a method will increase page ranking by attributing search engine energy to the most pertinent pages.

Magento Extension Development

Magento’s great potential sometimes needs plug-ins in order to have extra features. The additional features come through the third party extensions. With that end in view The Jalebit Experts comes to your rescue by designing your online store much more powerful by capitalizing these extensions and helps your website up-to-date. We offered websites with most authentic functional protocol.
Our team of Jalebit Experts have the proficiency in addressing Secure Payment, Shipping, One Step Checkout, Geo Location, SEO optimisation, User Registration, Profile Management and Supplier Product Group.
Moreover our in depth knowledge will provide customers with quality customization services in collusion with the use of right third party software and comprehensive modules that satisfied their functional requirements fully.
Magento Extensions help in adding unique functionalities, better customer care attributes, offers international services, providing detailed analytical reports, improve your page ranking etc.

Payment Gateway Integration

A payment gateway is a 3rd party entity (or software) that processes payment information entered by a customer on an e-commerce website. The gateway processes these payments on behalf of the e-commerce merchant.
When a customer pays for merchandise using a credit/debit card, netbanking or any other prepaid mechanism, the payment gateway identifies the issuing bank of the card or connects directly with the online bank (in case of netbanking) to complete the payment. Once successful, they take the customer back to the e-commerce website.
We provide complete solutions for payment gateway integration in Magento websites. The Jalebit experts do seamless integration with the supported payment service providers for your e-commerce website. We can help you find the right payment gateway package and guide you through the integration process so that your online shop is as slick as the major e-Commerce sites you will find on the web.
We adhere to a strict set of policies, which include compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) as well as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to protect both the merchants and the customers.
Our payment gateway integration services have helped several clients provide different payment options to their customers. With us you won’t have to bother with any technical details and will get a functional and secure ecommerce platform at your fingertips.

Private Sale/Flash Sale in Magento

Whether you are planning a sale to a limited number of people or to deny access to visitors who are not registered or even block the registration option for a mass public, you can do it easily with our solutions.
We are the Magento Expert Developers! Need new Magento shopping cart installation? Magento is an extremely affordable, stable, and secure solution for your Online Shopping Cart needs. We can show you how to begin selling your products and services online in a few days.

Downgrading Magento Enterprise to Community edition

As opposed to upgrading to Magento Enterprise, Downgrading Magento is a complicated process that needs specialist knowledge and experience. We have experienced consultants whose expertise is available to complete your Magento downgrade quickly, securely and with a minimum of downtime.
Worried with respect of security and PCI compliance in Community? The Jalebit Experts put your apprehension at rest by providing right technical choice to ensure your website security is tight. Do you want integration with existing systems such as warehouses and payment gateway? We make you complete tension free as your website functionality gets moved down from enterprise to community.

Magento Custom Modules Integration

We offer Custom Magento Themes, Magento Custom Design, Magento Design, Magento Custom Development, ecommerce Store Development, Shopping Cart with CMS, Custom Landing Page Design, Callout Graphics and Photo Editing, Buttons, Widgets and Special Effects with Magento ecommerce Platform from Magento Designer & Developers.
Magento is a feature – rich ecommerce solution offering complete flexibility and control over the look, content, and functionality of an Online Store. Magento “Ecommerce Platform for Growth”.
Our complete Magento Integration includes theme & design, programming, payment gateway, development, features and customization of Magento Ecommerce Platform.

Magento Responsive Design

Jalebit is one of the finest Magento Responsive Service Provider based on a robust Magento platform for developing responsive ecommerce store. We make a front end design that loads thousands of products and it helps to augment the power of a website performance due to its SEO power.
We at Jalebit are making responsive Designs that adjust the screen size and resolution based on the size of the viewer’s screen. Our Team works tirelessly in order to enhance your HTML structure for benefit of Magento SEO performance. We also customise the default Magento template structure to meet the needs of the business.
The Magento Responsive Design reduces designing cost, is customer centric and makes your website standout from competitors.
The innovative solutions created by our professionals not only look amazing at the frontend but also gets better response in leading search engines.

Magento 2.0

Now would be the best time to plan for a revamp/upgrade to Magento 2.0, if basically, your online store is either –
– on an older version of the Magento software
– or though on a newer version but having serious performance issues, and additionally you also have a number of 3rd party extensions installed,
If you think that your store is not performing well and need to do something serious to significantly improve your store’s performance (and we can assess your site in this regard, just use the contact form), you should definitely plan the new investments to be done on Magento 2.
If you are building your brand new store then it obviously, here is the choice to straight away go for the newest version of the software and avail the best front and backend features and reap the benefits of faster, efficient and more appealing digital store.

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